That’s awesome lol

I never noticed this
simple but very easy to miss out on
just like living life itself


That’s awesome lol


I never noticed this

simple but very easy to miss out on

just like living life itself

sweet vid—-love the song too

it’s like you’ll forget about all the scenes that kill


i honestly ddnt get bored w this kdrama , got me hanging on every turn

You will be shocked, when you discover how easy it is in life to part ways with people forever. That’s why when you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it. future Ted Mosby
How I Met Your Mother S09E21 (via rickyrickbh)
Me, while reading TVD 5 spoilers — omg Alaric is back, finally I loved him on TVD and now he can go back to the lair aka the Mystic Gri…<oh it got blew up> that’s ok he can still hang out & do vapirey stuff w Damon..<WTF he died !!!??????>ahfjklhrogvbvbgbmdbnsjkdhfjhuiwyppwovnadjbaqyrualknc
Is it wrong that I like:
Daryl over Rick #thewalkingdead
Michonne over Andrea
Damon over Stefan #thevampirediaries
Katherine over Elena
Silas over Stefan
Klaus over Tyler
Carlisle over Edward
Barney over Ted

done w season 1…seriously why dd Amy have to die???!!!
on her effing birthday without having received her mermaid pendant necklace…from a sister she never got to spend her birthday w nor receive presents from..

and all because she had to pee and can’t find any tissue.

am i the only one asking this?

Costume Changes by DisneyStyle (x)

something’s missing  for pochahontas here„ the gown she wore on part 2, still amazing though…huever had the time to do this :)

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Walking dead season 1 is LEGEN…wait for it..
I watched the entire season in one go,that’s how good it is if I had season 2 in hand then I wont be able to stop„

as barney would say it..done w season 8 of how i met your mother too, one last season and bye bye :(( the moment I knew that the mother would die, episodes of season 8 made sense to me, that 45 days/45 seconds episode thing when TED was kinda time travelling and when they were talking abt what kind of mother doesnt attend her own daughter’s wedding back in the episode of robin&barney’s wedding.

I was able to have a glimpse of those episodes before and now..well it was definitely planned…ever noticed how the title HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is in the picture over ted and robin’s head while they’re looking at each other in the opening credits/song??

or im just overanalyzing things

…so I just started watching Kyle XY and I’m done with season 1. I know it’s kinda late cause this series is already over but it kinda kills me to wait for series that are ongoing…it’s like when are they going to release the next oneee???!!!!! pfff cliffhangers

Next on list would be Walking Dead w/c I know would be awesome based on feedback..SHERLOCK season 3
speaking of finally, can’t wait for TVD to release season 6 so I can start watching season 5 lol

too bad How I met your mother is over, I really loved Barney- his craziness and all.. and when he proposed to Robin, darn it. I nearly wished the character was real.